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CandleLight Games, LLC is a third party OGL gaming company based near Baltimore, MD that is dedicated to making the pen and paper role-playing experience more fun and enjoyable. As a new company, CLG has spent most of our time working on gaming resources that can be used to more easily keep track of all of the information that both players and GMs need.

Open Game License Products

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CandleLight Games has several resources for OGL/d20 role-playing games. These products are Pathfinder® compatiable and designed to make record keeping easier for players and the running of campaigns easier for GMs. There are three different types of resources that are available the moment: Character Resourses, Expansion Decks, and Battle Maps.

Character Resources

Wounds and Vigor Character Sheet

Role-playing games can be very information intensive. To help with organizing all of this information and date CLG has developed and prodcued a series of resources. The primary resource that we have developed is a series of .pdf files for each trait, or characteristic, of a character. These .pdf files include cards for armor, weapons, items, spells, class abilities, etc. Like the rest of CLG's products theses are available at the OneBookShelf series of websites.

In addition to the .pdf files, we have produced a series of character and resource sheets. These sheets are designed to allow players to track the relevant information from the Pathfinder® Role-Playing Game expansion books, such as the Ulitmate Campaign source book and a character sheet that supports the Armor as Damage Reduction and Wounds and Vigor optional rules presented in Pathfinder's Ultimate Combat source book.

Expansion Decks

Expansion Decks

The Expansion Deck series is designed to allow GMs to quickly and easily expand their campaigns. The decks contain cards that detail NPCs, Villains, Buildings, Materials, Encounters, etc. Each deck is between 30 and 35 cards and is a great resource.

These Expansion Decks are all currently for Sundered Era settings. These cards can be used in any High Fanatsy Campaign. These is also a map for the areas detailed in these decks called the Western Frontier.

Battle Maps

Expansion Decks

Many OGL/d20 games are designed to be played with minitures. These battle mats are designed to allow GMs to have beautiful, professionally designed maps wihtout any of the work of designing and printing the maps themselves.

These maps vary in size, from a small 12" x 18" (one sheet) to 36" x 36" (six sheets). If the map is more than one sheet they combine to form the larger area. Instructions for the porcess can be found by following this link.

These are a great resource that can quickly enhance the overall gaming experience. Currently maps have been produced for Sundered Era and Wayfaring Era settings.

Table Top Tactical Games (T3Gs) Accessories

T3G Battle Mat

Table Top Tactical Games, or T3Gs, are a type of game that uses minitures replicate small battles or skirmishes. These games include Mantic Game's Deadzone® or Infinity™ by Corvus Belli. Follow the links to for more information about these games.

To support hobbists that enjoy these games (and others) CLG has produced a series of Battle Mats that consist of 4- 12" x 18" that when placed together form a 24" x 36" Battle Mat that has a 24" x 24" battle area and 6" x 24" deployment zone on each side of the mat for the players may use hold their minitures that are waiting to be deployed or have been removed as a casualty.

CLG Fiction

While CLG is a role-playing company, every role-playing world or setting needs something to add flavor and depth.

CLG has published three shorts to bring depth to Campaign setting that is currently under development. In these shorts, and shorts like these, CLG will bring depth to our setting. Keep a look here for details on these works.

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