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CandleLight Games, LLC

Mission Statement

CandleLight Games, LLC is a third party gaming company focused on bringing gaming resources to gamers at a minimal cost. We focus on balanced, compatible, and fun “skins” that can be added to a variety of games, from role-playing games to table top tactical games.

CandleLight Games Design Crew

CandleLight Games is a group of friends that love gaming. At present there are four individuals that are spending a lot of their free time conceptualizing, designing, and developing OLG resources, such as out download fillable cards and our up and coming filled expansion cards, as well as the under development OGL Campaign Setting Infinite Horizons™.

Isaac Sperry
Game Design and IT

Isaac Sperry is a USAF veteran and currently a student working towards his BS- Information Technology with a Focus in Software Development. He is happily married to his wonderful bride.

He is responsible of the baseline mechanic of the OGL skins and website construction and management.

His greatest flaw (as far as gaming is concerned) is his neverending quest to find the holy grail of gaming, the perfect mechanic. He has played and GMed in countless (ok they can be counted: 11) different systems to include several flavors of OGL games. He is also the main game designer of the Infinite Horizons Campaign Setting and the table top strategy game for that setting (work in progress).

Evan Baxter
Public Relations Officer

Evan is the public relations officer for CLG and real one in his real life.

He is an avid gamer and lover of T3Gs and Table Top Strategy Games. His latest hobby is backing Kickstarters of Mantic's up and coming King's of War™.

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