Resource Sheets

Resource sheets are designed to allow either players or GMs the ability to keep track of a large amount of related information on sheets of standard sized paper. There are several different types of resource sheets.

Character sheets are used to keep track of all of the information that relates to a player’s character. Companion Sheets are similar to character sheets, but track the traits of a character’s companion, such as a Wizard’s familiar or a Druid’s Animal Companion.

There are resource sheets that are designed to help the GM track important information as well. Settlement sheets, for example, allow the GM to track all the pertinent information for an important city or town in a campaign. Kingdom sheets allow the GM (or players) to keep track of entire kingdoms, and Army sheets allow both players and GMs to keep track of armies that can be used in the mass combat.

There are two resources that are available at DriveThruRPG: the Supplemental Sheet Porfolio and the Wounds and Vigor Character Porfolio. These two resources are Pay What You Want. This means that you can download these files for free or you may contribute to amount amount to help us grow and expand.

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Open Game License Products

CandleLight Games has several resources for OGL/d20 role-playing games. These products are Pathfinder® compatiable and designed to make record keeping easier for players and the running of campaigns easier for GMs. Tso view a full list of CLG products you can either visit or click on here to view our catelog on our website.

Battle Maps, Modular Tiles, and Virtual Table Tops
CLG Resource Sheet


Battle Maps

Many OGL/d20 games are designed to be played with minitures. These battle maps are designed to allow GMs to have beautiful, professionally designed maps wihtout any of the work of designing and printing the maps themselves.

These maps vary in size, from a small 12" x 18" (one sheet) to 36" x 36" (six sheets). If the map is more than one sheet they combine to form the larger area. Instructions for the porcess can be found by following this link. These are a great resource that can quickly enhance the overall gaming experience.

Modular Tiles

Modular tiles are 6" x 6" tiles are can be combined in any number of ways to create unique 2D battle mats. Modular tiles are available for all three eras of play.

Virtual Table Tops

Not everyone can gather together to game anymore. Some of us use Virtual Table Tops (VTTs) to game. We have taken our battle maps and our modular tiles and presented them in a format the can be used by many VTTs.

Monster Tokens

3D play with RPGs can add levels of enjoyment to the game. Often times the cost of minitures reduces that ability of many of us to experience it fully. Using Character Artist 3 from ProFantasy, we have devised a series of cutouts that can be used in any RGP.

CLG Resource Sheet
CLG Resource Sheet


Reference Cards

CLG Resource Sheet
While resource sheets keep track of vast amount of information, they can be cluttered. Resource Cards are the answer to this clutter. The size of a standard poker card (3.5 in x 2.5 in), these cards are enough to store easily and the perfect size to keep track of a single aspect of a character or town. Almost everything that pertains to the gaming experience can be stored on these cards. The options for what players (and GMs for major NPCs) can do with these cards are near endless. There are currently two types of resource cards: Character Cards and GM Cards.

Character Cards

CLG Resource Sheet
Character cards are designed to help players keep track of all the different options that their characters have available to them. There are cards that can be used to track ammunition, to hold all of the details of a magic weapon, each feat that a character has. In fact spellcasters can use the spell cards to generate spellbooks.

Many of these cards are tailored to a specific era of play but by no means are they exclusive to that era of play. It is the goal of CLG to have a card for every aspect of a character from class features and abilities to items and equipment. With these cards keeping track of your character's information and details. Like all of our products and resources, these cards can be found on the OneBookShelf family of websites.

GM Cards

CLG Resource Sheet
The settlements, kingdoms, NPCs, encounters, villains, unique magical items, etc. for a given adventure, let alone an entire campaign, can be staggering. Keeping track of all information that a GM needs to have can be a daunting task. Like Character cards, GM cards are the answer to this problem. Cards exist that can be used to track the peritient information for any and every aspect of the adventure.