CandleLight Games Reference Document

CandleLight Games seeks to make gaming easier, quicker, and more fun for everyone. Part of how we are doing that is by providing easy to use resources to the everyday gamer. Our current project, the CandleLight Games Reference Document (CLGRD), is an interactive game reference document much like Pazio’s PRD and Wizard of the Coast’s SRD.

Unlike the PRD, in which content is organized by source book, the CLGD is organized by content. This means that all of the armor, classes, equipment, spells, weapons, etc. for multiple sources can be found in the same area without having to know which source book they orginially appeared in. This document is still in it’s beta design but even now it contains most of the content from the Pathfinder® Core Rule Book and our OGL source book titled Infinite Firearms. With this interactive document you can view class descriptions, spells, equipment, and other essiential mechanics.

Some of the content, such as armor, equipment, and weapons, is displayed in sortable tables that will allow you to search each table for the item you are looking for. Other pages, such as the CLGRD Spell Index will allow you to search for spells by school, class, and level. 

You might notice that CLG has made some changes to the PRD in the CLGRD. In most cases this is due to a slight change the rules or mechanic that has occured in a CLG product. The best example of this is the expansion of the firearms rules found in the upcomig Infinite Firearms source bool. That being said, it is not our intent to replace the PRD. It is our intent to provide a different way of accessing the open source information of a game that we love in hopes of enhancing the gaming experience.  

In time we hope to add all of Pathfinder’s open source content as well as content from other 3rd Party Publishers, such as Dreamscarred Press’ psionic’s rules, will be added to the CLGRD.