Special Qualities
Quality Description
Agile  Armor with the agile armor quality is designed to be less restrictive and offer more freedom of movement. The armor check penalty for Climb and Jump checks is reduced by 3. For example, a suit of Agile Breastplate only confers a -1 penalty on Climb and Jump checks.
Cover  As a standard action the character can use a shield with the cover to grant themselves total cover until the beginning of their next turn. When using this shield in this way, the character must choose one edge of their space. That edge is treated as a solid wall for attacks targeting you only. You gain total cover for attacks that pass through this edge and no cover for attacks that do not pass through this edge.
Discovery  The discovery armor quality grants a deflection bonus to the character's AC against sundered and discovery era pistols, rifles, and shotguns. This armor bonus is equal to the suit of armor's Armor Bonus.
Wayfaring  The wayfaring armor quality grants a deflection bonus to the character's AC against all pistols, rifles, and shotguns. This armor bonus is equal to the suit of armor's Armor Bonus.
Name Type Cost Armor Bonus Max Dex Armor Check Spell Failure Speed (s) Speed (m) Weight Era of Play
Agile breastplateMedium Armor400 gp63-425%15 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.sundered
Agile half-plateHeavy Armor850 gp80-740%15 ft.20 ft.55 lbs.sundered
Armored coatMedium Armor50 gp43-220%15 ft.20 ft.20 lbs.sundered
Ballistic Vest (studded leather armor)Light Armor125 gp35-425%20 ft.30 ft.25 lbs.discovery
Ballistic Vest, Light (leather armor)Light Armor110 gp26010%20 ft.30 ft.8 lbs.discovery
Banded MailHeavy Armor250 gp71-635%15 ft.20 ft.35 lbs.Sundered
Battle Armor (breastplate)Medium Armor1200 gp63-425%15 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.wayfaring
Battle Armor, Heavy (full plate)Heavy Armor4000 gp91-635%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.wayfaring
Battle Armor, Light (studded leather)Light Armor525 gp35-425%20 ft.30 ft.25 lbs.wayfaring
BreatplateMedium Armor200 gp63-425%15 ft.20 ft.30 lbs.Sundered
BucklerShield5 gp1-15%5 lbs.Sundered
Chain ShirtLight Armor100 gp44-220%20 ft.30 ft.25 lbs.Sundered
ChainmailMedium Armor150 gp62-530%15 ft.20 ft.40 lbs.Sundered
Combat Armor (breastplate)Medium Armor450 gp63-425%15 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.discovery
Combat Armor, Heavy (banded mail)Heavy Armor750 gp71-640%15 ft.20 ft.35 lbs.discovery
Combat Armor, Light (scale mail)Medium Armor300 gp53-425%15 ft.20 ft.20 lbs.discovery
Do-maruMedium Armor200 gp54-425%15 ft.20 ft.30 lbs.sundered
Four-mirror armorMedium Armor125 gp62-530%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.sundered
Full PlateHeavy Armor1500 gp91-635%15 ft.20 ft.50 lbs.Sundered
Half-PlateHeavy Armor600 gp81-735%15 ft.20 ft.50 lbs.Sundered
HaramakiLight Armor3 gp1000%20 ft.30 ft.1 lb.sundered
HideMedium Armor15 gp44-320%15 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.Sundered
Kikko armorMedium Armor250 gp54-320%15 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.sundered
Kusari gusokuHeavy Armor350 gp71-735%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.sundered
Lamellar cuirassLight Armor15 gp2405%20 ft.30 ft.8 lbs.sundered
Lamellar, hornMedium Armor100 gp53-425%15 ft.20 ft.30 lbs.sundered
Lamellar, ironHeavy Armor200 gp70-740%15 ft.20 ft.50 lbs.sundered
Lamellar, leatherLight Armor60 gp43-220%20 ft.30 ft.25 lbs.sundered
Lamellar, steelMedium Armor150 gp63-525%15 ft.20 ft.35 lbs.sundered
Lamellar, stoneHeavy Armor500 gp80-740%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.sundered
LeatherLight Armor10 gp2610%20 ft.30 ft.15 lbs.Sundered
Leather, StuddedLight Armor25 gp35-115%20 ft.30 ft.20 lbs.Sundered
Mountain pattern armorMedium Armor250 gp63-430%15 ft.20 ft.40 lbs.sundered
O-yoroiHeavy Armor1700 gp82-635%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.sundered
PaddedLight Armor5 gp185%20 ft.30 ft.10 lbs.Sundered
ParadeLight Armor25 gp35-115%20 ft.30 ft.20 lbs.sundered
Quilted clothLight Armor100 gp18010%15 ft.20 ft.15 lbs.sundered
Scale MailMedium Armor50 gp53-425%15 ft.20 ft.30 lbs.Sundered
Shield, Heavy SteelShield20 gp2-215%15 lbs.Sundered
Shield, Heavy WoodenShield7 gp2-215%10 lbs.Sundered
Shield, Light SteelShield9 gp1-15%6 lbs.Sundered
Shield, Light WoodenShield3 gp1-15%5 lbs.Sundered
Shield, TowerTower Shield30 gp42-1050%45 lbs.Sundered
Silken ceremonial armorLight Armor30 gp1000%20 ft.30 ft.4 lbs.sundered
Splint MailHeavy Armor200 gp70-740%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.Sundered
Tactical Armor, Heavy (full plate)Heavy Armor2000 gp91-635%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.discovery
Tactical Armor, Light (half plate)Heavy Armor1100 gp80-740%15 ft.20 ft.40 lbs.discovery
Tatami-doHeavy Armor1000 gp73-635%15 ft.20 ft.45 lbs.sundered
WoodenLight Armor20 gp33-115%20 ft.30 ft.25 lbs.sundered